Same day delivery

Speed and quality of delivery determines success in e-commerce

DoDo offers fast delivery to the customer’s hands and mastering the last mile.

A fleet of 1600+ couriers and our own logistics platform will make sure that your goods set out to make you happy right after ordering.

Main advantages

Why choose DoDo?

Data-driven platform

We have built our own logistics platform from scratch, thanks to which we have all the data and processes under our control. The system plans the most efficient roads, monitors the driving characteristics of couriers and even predicts demand. Nothing will surprise us in operation.

Competitive advantage

Today, fast delivery fundamentally affects customer loyalty, retention and even average spending. Take a look at case studies of our clients from various areas from e-commerce to retail.

Real-time analytics

At each moment, we evaluate the situation on the basis of hundreds of data. We can immediately detect and solve any problem in the shipping chain. We make decisions based on numbers, so nothing will surprise us.

Advanced reporting

We understand those who enjoy graphs and statistics. With advanced DoDo reporting, you get a perfect overview of all orders, including the average delivery time. We will prepare reports and overviews for various departments in your company so that anyone is able to understand them.

Simple API implementation

We offer easy integration via API. It’s a matter of a few days to start working with DoDo and take full advantage. In addition, we can adapt to your needs thanks to a tailor-made approach.


With us, you will gain experience in delivering more than 2.5 million orders across various segments. We have been optimizing our processes for 4 years, increasing the quality of delivery and creating the future of smart city logistics.

Without fleet management

Managing a fleet of vehicles is not easy. With DoDo, you do not have to deal with leasing contracts, fuel management or maintenance visits. Your goods are delivered by more than 400 certified cars with alternative fuel engine.

Without HR management

We choose handy couriers who will represent you in the best light in front of the customer. Their continuous training and evaluation is a must. When you opt for DoDo, you never need to recruit and train your own drivers again.


We think of environmental protection. Only fully utilized cars drive into the streets of cities. Our entire fleet runs on CNG. Not only are our cars green, but also our whole approach to urban logistics.


The complexity of urban logistics is constantly growing

Thanks to our own logistics platform GAIA, our processes are both efficient and flexible.

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Prediction of demand zones
Route planning
Multisegment approach
Slot management
Cash management
Real-time reporting

Slot management

We offer delivery capacity across segments in the form of time slots with a variable price according to occupancy. We make maximum use of the fleet and load it evenly.

Advanced route planning

Based on the current status of orders, courier locations, weather, traffic situation and other factors, we are looking for the best route for each new order.

Cash management

We have a perfect overview and control over the amount of money that travels with couriers in the field. We monitor the security of employees, individual transactions and bank deposits.

Real-time reporting

We make decisions based on data from real-time reporting. We respond immediately to fluctuations in SLA fulfillment and, together with the client, optimize the preparation of orders.

Prediction of demand zones

The data helps us estimate future demand and adjust capacity throughout the day. Thanks to that, we know how many cars and couriers to put into operation.

Multisegment approach

We serve different types of segments with different needs, to which we can adapt. We offer solutions for online stores, retail and delivery of ready meals.

DoDo couriers delivery an experience

  • We have more than 1,600 trained couriers who
    undergo regular training.
  • They deliver with a smile so that they perfectly represent your brand.
  • We have over 800 CNG vehicles in operation.
  • We offer the possibility of co-branding couriers or even the entire fleet.
  • Customers have online customer support.
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