I’m DoDo, your personal courier


I am a personal assistant to anyone who wants to have more free time. I will bring your purchase, quickly deliver the shipment around the city or pick up the order from the e-shop. You can count on me for other things as well.

See how it works.
Task DoDo
Just send a message with info about
what do you want, where and to.
Agree on delivery
Agree on time of delivery,
price a contact informations.
You are done
DoDo courier will do the rest
and deliver your order on time.
Your reliable helper


When you are busy, every minute counts. When in a hurry, DoDo comes to the rescue. You will get more free time and our team of DoDo dispatchers and couriers will reliably handle tasks that you do not want to or cannot do for you. We will get and deliver whatever you need today. It doesn’t matter if you need dog food or if you forgot your charger in the office. Just send a message and one of the more than 1,200 DoDo couriers is on its way.

Imports of fresh

Purchase of medicine

Collection of shipments

Express delivery of things

Delivery from the restaurant

Office visits

Flower delivery

Animal needs

Help with gifts


DoDo is here for you

All over Prague every day
From 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
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What else should you know about DoDo?

How fast are you?

We are as fast as your needs require. In the case of food delivery, we can deliver in express mode, and if something needs to be picked up at a given moment, we plan it for the appropriate time.

What can I use DoDo for?

You can order anything that is legal. We are ready to save your time. It’s up to you whether you just need to get a cake, pick up a jacket from the dry cleaner’s, run to the pharmacy, pick up an order from the e-shop or safely transport the consignment around Prague.

How much will it cost?

We do not have flat rates, because we always take into account where we are going from and where and what the real complexity of the order is. The price will always be communicated to you immediately by the dispatcher and the order will be realized only after you have approved it.

How much will it cost?

We do not have flat rates, because we always take into account where we are going from and where and what the real complexity of the order is. The price will always be communicated to you immediately by the dispatcher and the order will be realized only after you have approved it.

How large order can you deliver?

We can take away everything the courier can load and unload himself (up to approx. 30 kg) and what fits in the car (approx. 2 x 1.6 x 1.2 m). In exceptional cases we can deliver something bigger / heavier, but only if the client arranges assistance for the courier at the place of loading and unloading. For a better idea, for example, a microwave yes, a washing machine, if the help with loading and unloading is also provided, yes, but not a refrigerator, because it has to stand, so it will not fit into our car.

When can I order? What are the opening hours?

We are ready to save your time and nerves every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

How can I pay you?

You can pay us in cash or by card, or through the payment gateway. Follow us on social networks so you don’t miss the news.

Where do you deliver?

DoDo delivers personal assistant mainly in Prague, but for corporate customers such as Tesco, Košík or KFC, DoDo delivers throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

Can I order even if one / both of the addresses are not in Prague?

If you create an order well in advance, we will be happy to process it (for example, from Prague to Pilsen). However, it depends on an individual agreement with the DoDo dispatcher.

My company wants to use DoDo

We are specialists in last mile delivery – transport of goods directly to customers, but we can also arrange deliveries between establishments. And not only that. Write to us how we can help you at vladimir.gleich@idodo.cz and we will definitely find a common solution.

What if something goes wrong?

We automatically deliver a receipt to the purchased goods, so you can claim the goods directly from the seller. Can’t find the receipt? Do not worry and write to us. We have copies of receipts from all the purchases, so we will work it out together. Contact us via e-mail at info@idodo.cz.

Can I cancel the order?

Yes, write to the dispatcher. If the courier has not yet started processing the order, we will cancel it. If it is being processed, we will also cancel it, but we will send an invoice for an amount proportional to the work already done.

Can I change address / delivery time?

Yes, write to the dispatcher. If there is a change of address to the neighbors, the price will remain the same, if it is far away, we will change the amount proportionally. The time change is free of charge (except on weekends, when the rate slightly increases). We will check if the courier is free and we will confirm the change to you immediately.

Can I add another order?

Yes. If it is from the same store, we only add the price of the goods. If it is from another store, we must add the amount corresponding to the journey and the work of the courier.

I am not present at any of the addresses personally, how can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer and we will leave as soon as the money arrives. We can also come to the address where you are, you will pay there, but you will be charged for the extra journey. Another option is payment via mobile application Trisbee.

Can I order what they may not have in the shop?

If part of the order is not available on site, the courier will call the customer and talk to them. Alternatively, we will find a suitable alternative together.

Can you pay cash on delivery at the pick up place for me?

Not a problem! The courier will pay for it and the price of the order will increase by exactly the same amount.

Can you pay for me at a store, where you can pay only by card?

Unfortunately, couriers do not have cards. It is therefore necessary to pay for the order in the store in advance by bank transfer.

Can you transport pets?

This is only possible if the pet is in a safe and closed box. For example, a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig can be transported.

Can you transport persons?

Sorry, DoDo does not transport people.

Is my data safe with you?

We respect the protection of personal data, you do not have to worry – your personal information is safe with us and we do not provide it to third parties.