For supermarkets and grocery stores

Food delivery
with DoDo Fresh

DoDo couriers deliver purchases to the door reliably. With a special fleet of certified vehicles and innovative cooling processes, ice cream doesn’t melt, bread is crunchy and meat stays fresh.

For e-shops and stores

Delivery of goods by hand with DoDo Last Mile

Last mile and speed of delivery affects customer satisfaction. With DoDo Last Mile you leave nothing to chance. The goods are delivered on the same day by trained couriers. They arrive on time and leave the best impression.

For fast food and restaurants

Food delivery in 23 minutes with DoDo Express

DoDo Express is the fastest food delivery. Seasoned couriers will make sure that the food arrives to the customer in great condition. Forget about self-delivery and the city jungle.

For your business

DoDo Enterprise

Is it more complicated for you?
We will solve the logistics and set up processes tailored to your requirements.

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