What else should you know about DoDo?

Logistics brings a lot of questions and DoDo is the answer. Take a look at what most companies are most interested in, thinking about the last mile and fast delivery of goods.

What makes DoDo different from regular carriers?

Unlike regular carriers, we specialize in the segment called the last mile. This is the very last section of the journey to the customer. It is the last mile today that determines how satisfied the customer will be with your company. DoDo will ensure that delivery takes place quickly and reliably. All this thanks to our own logistics platform and rich experience.

Why is last mile delivery so complicated?

Most customers want the goods the next day at the latest, or rather the same day. However, a number of obstacles and factors range from trouble-free delivery within a few hours, from the busyness of couriers to the weather. The last mile thus becomes the most expensive part of the entire logistics process. DoDo offers companies logistics outsourcing and complete last mile solutions.

What are the advantages of DoDo compared to own transport?

Realization of own transport is a very demanding task when it comes to organization and investment. After the first attempts, both smaller e-shops and large companies such as KFC or Tesco will quickly come to this realisation. DoDo can make full use of the courier throughout the whole day. It is not worthwhile for companies to operate their own fleet of cars and couriers, because delivery would usually be busy only at certain hours. In addition, together with the delivery, they would have to monitor car service, cash management, route planning and a host of other problems that our logistics platform has long solved.

How to start working with DoDo?

Just contact our sales department. The connection itself is very simple. We offer APIs for fast integration. Our partners also have real-time statistics of each order and advanced reporting for various people in the company. We create separate reports for example for management, marketing or corporate buyers.

Doesn’t DoDo worsen the traffic situation in cities?

All our vehicles run on CNG propulsion, which has minimal emissions. Our platform helps us with the planning of each delivery. Our cars drive fully utilized and deliver more shipments along the route for different clients. Cities are not inflatable, which is why our vision is sustainable logistics.