Case study – DoDo Express

How a bucket of wings gets damn fast to your home

Fast food must reach the hungry customer “fast”, but delivery within a few minutes is logistically demanding. When KFC approached us with demand after about a year of delivery, it was a great challenge for DoDo. Delivering the order within 30 minutes from ordering? This requires flawlessly tuned processes and really smart logistics. After a pilot operation at three Pilsen branches, we quickly expanded our cooperation to other Czech cities.
Today, DoDo Express serves a total of 21 restaurants with an average delivery time of 23 minutes from ordering.

500 000+

deliveries of chicken delicacies

23 minutes

average delivery time


KFC branches

Our data-driven approach helps KFC not only with city logistics, but also with the timely detection of problems on the food preparation side in individual establishments. We will immediately notify the client of a specific operational obstacle.

Why leave fast delivery to DoDo Express?

1000+ trained couriers who do not waste time

Data-driven the approach immediately reveals possible obstacles

Shipping boxes for trouble-free transport of food

of fleet co-branding

We have worked and collaborated with DoDo since 2017 on a project involving the expansion of our KFC Delivery Service. DoDo remained very adaptable throughout the entire process and continuesto meet our strict requirements for the timely delivery of our product to ensure freshness.

DoDo Express