Case study – DoDo Fresh

We deliver 1,000 purchases a day for Tesco

Tesco was the first retail chain to offer Czech customers online food purchases. Following the example of the parent company, it started building a fleet and its own logistics solution. However, with the growing volume of orders, they found that if they wanted to maintain high quality delivery, they needed smart and efficient logistics. Therefore, at the end of 2018, they launched a pilot test of partial logistics outsourcing with us. And the result? Tesco decided to cancel its supply fleet after two months and today DoDo Fresh serves 12 branches in the Czech Republic, 3 branches in Slovakia and 3 branches in Hungary. We deliver 1,000 Tesco purchases to the door every day.


cars certified for food delivery


food delivery countries

700 000+

delivered orders

Customers can order more than 14,000 products online from vegetables to meat to ice cream. Thanks to the fleet of certified cars, the temperature is observed when transporting food. We use specially designed cooling boxes and our couriers are perfectly trained. We check the quality of each purchase.

Why outsource logistics to DoDo Fresh?

Start of delivery without large capital costs

Scalable and smart logistics food

Process automation and advanced real-time reporting

Our fleet
saves your operating costs

“DoDo are every inch professionals, we value their flexibility and thanks to that we are able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers. Great customer service. We are constantly moving forward with each other. “

DoDo Fresh